You are the wonderful person

On your birthday, I must say that you are a wonderful person. May your smile stay on your lips forever and your all dreams come true. Have a great day and year ahead. Cheers

Something special

Days come and go normally but there is something special about today. It you birthday and we our best wishes for your life. Cheers

Bright day and year

Hey Bro
As it is your birthday so I wish that you always be shining and smiling. Your days are brighter and your years are favorable to you.

Birth and Smile

We remember the day when you birth. That was the day when we felt tremendous happiness and we found ourselves completed. You are the perfect child and you took good care of us. We wish that you should achieve the best level and always keep smiling. This day and all the day of your life, we will be praying for your good health.

Keep Smiling

Your birthday and our wishes flow together. We always pray the best for you and may God gives you your satisfaction and happiness of in every work you do. Keep smiling and keep going.

A day when

This is the day when you love yourself and for sure it is great to have you in this world t make it more beautiful. CHEERS!!

For celebration

A reason for celebration the ultimate person's presence on this earth. You are so humble and down to earth. We really proud of you.