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Read, share and wish on this wonderful day with top 10 Birthday Quotes. Also write your reaction by posting comments.

1. For others it's just a normal day.
But it's the most important day for me.
Its the birthday of my best friend.
My best companion and best partner.

2. Today is your big day
And I just want to tell you
that my thoughts are
always surrounded by you.
All my love and care are
only for you dear.
Happy Birthday To You.

3. Somebody up there loves you and somebody down here cares for you.

4. The day which we as our last is but the birthday is eternity.

5. Long time ago the world has been given a wonderful gift and it is you.

6. Memorable Day
Wake up Charming prince
Scream out loud
Whistle a musical tune
Make a promise to yourself
Add beautiful faces in your life
Enjoy and have fun…
Make this day a memorable one.

7. It takes a long time to getting old but, then a little toward death. Feel every day as your last but be joyful on this birthday.
Happy Birthday to You

8. Your true age is the top most secret of your life. Two years back you were 18 and on this birthday too!!!
Happy Birthday to You

9. You've had many many birthdays,
Too many for me to mention,
But there are still one or two more
Before you start to draw your pension.
My warm birthday wishes for you

10. Finally you have broken my records of celebrating birthday thrice a year. You are now 25 at the age of 22 by calculations.
Happy Birthday to You