Birthday Wishes for Friends

'Your friends deserve the best words from you and how can you compromise when it is their special day. So choose and send the best birthday wishes to your best mates.'

"I wish a special birthday for a special person like you."

"Cake of your birthday, special recipes for friends,
such a management for guests, decorated rooms and
most of all, the smile on your face makes the whole
function great and shows the respect in your heart for friends.
Happy Birthday My Sweet Friend"

"Because today’s your birthday,
And because you’re extra nice,
One wish is not enough for you
And so here’s wishing twice
Hoping your Birthday’s wonderful
In every single way
And next year brings happiness
For you day after day
Happy Birthday!"

"Friends like you are very rare in this world,
who takes all troubles of friends to his own self,
today is your birthday and there is no specialty
in this day but this day is special just due to you.
Happy Birthday.."

"My dear hero of the day let the “hope of your life”
move with no trouble, overcome hindrance and
let all people you need be by your side forever.
Have a marvelous day
Happy Birthday Dear Friend"

"Here is a birthday of nice, sweet, polite,
smiling and kind friend. May the smile on
your face last forever, all of your days be
full of successes and realization of your dreams.
Happy Birthday to You"

"A friend like you is a rose in ones life,
your deeds are like petals of rose which
spread their fragrance to sweeten the life,
the day is very blessed when you born,
this day has given me excitement,
May all of your wishes and dreams come true.
Happy Birthday!"

"Dear friend, for me its only enough that
God gave me such a caring friend in my life
on this special day, the gift on your birthday
is not a physical one but the prayers of heart,
wishes of love, long happy healthy life and
our forever lasting friendship.
Happy Birthday to You!"

"Your birthday is a source of entertainment,
time for sharing little cute things,
most of all getting together and making merry,
what a blessed day.
Happy Birthday Dear Friend!"

"Fun, joy, entertainment, dance in party, giggling and smiles,
excitement and enthusiasm all shows that its your birthday and
your friends are here for making merry on your birthday to see
you more happy.
Happy Birthday to You"

"Let this time don’t stop you from enjoying life
and every single day of coming year!
I wish you many happy returns with all my heart!
Happy Birthday Dear"

"Rain of summer, snowfall of winter,
grace of autumn, magnificence of spring,
May beauty of every season give your heart
a beautiful reason to smile.
Many Many Happy Returns of The Day."

"There is no need to count years.
We have to count performance.
So let’s rejoice the deeds of our dear.
Happy Birthday Beloved Friend"

"Faith your heart, don’t be fearful to reach
out to something new.
Go ahead to get your hopes up even if things
turns out differently than you have expected.
Happy Birthday Many More"

"A good friend gives happiness and long-life.
Allow me, dear, to wish you long life with me!
Many More Happy Birthdays"