Belated Birthday Wishes

"How can I forget your birthday?
I just wished one year back!"

"These birthday wishes may be
Just a tad, a smidgin' late
But you're always wished much happiness
No matter what the date."

"Your birthday's passed, and I'm too late,
So sorry. I forgot the date.
So here's a card, I've sent to say,
I hope you had an awesome day!
Belated Happy Birthday!"

"Oh no! I forgot your special day!
I am so sorry for that my dear.
But I hope that your birthday was indeed a very special and great day for you.
Belated Happy Birthday to you.
I wish you have a fabulous year ahead."

"Alright I forgot your birthday. Forgive me and I will forgive you when you forget mine next month!"

"Birthdays are very difficult to remember you know. Especially when there is no delicious mouthwatering chocolate cake around!"

"So what I forgot your birthday. I at least remembered that I forgot your birthday!"

"Hey I am extremely sorry for forgetting your birthday. But if you reschedule it some time next week, I promise I will make it this time!"

"I was busy conducting sensitive negotiations that may, in future, bring peace to our troubled planet."

"I am so dumb and you are so smart.
I am so stupid and you are so intelligent.
I know nothing and you are knowledgeable.
I am so ugly and you are so handsome.
I am cruel but you are cute.
I am mean but you are loving.
I am late but you are forgiving.
So please forgive me for late wish.
Belated Happy Birthday, Dear!."

"Sometimes when it's someones birthday I either forget or just run out of time. That's what happens when I leave everything to the last possible minute. I do that way to often.
Belated Happy Birthday, Dear!"

"I know you must be bugged because I missed your birthday.
But I didn't really forget it. I just didn't want to remind you that you are growing old!
Belated Happy Birthday anyway. Rock-on!!"